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Norbertines of Saint Norbert Abbey

Office for Prayer & Gifts

Fr. David McElroy, O. Praem.Thank you for visiting our Norbertine Office for Prayer and Gifts. Our mission is to inform you of the history and spiritual life of our Norbertine Community and to invite you to join us in prayer.

We also offer you the opportunity to order unique greeting cards, which have a spiritual remembrance, as well as gifts, which we believe will serve as an enhancement to spiritual practices.

Please browse our Newsletter, leave your prayer requests and learn about the Norbertines who have served the Church for over 800 years.

Enjoy your visit with us!

Fr. David McElroy, O. Praem.

Fr. David McElroy, O. Praem.



Privacy Policy

All personal information you provide to us, including name, address, phone number, e-mail address, amounts donated, prayerful remembrances, or items requested, are confidential and will be used only by the Norbertine Community for internal purposes. This information will not be sold, given, or made available to any other party.

Users who request information, make gifts to us, or request cards or special items from us may receive e-mail or physical mailings for purposes of acknowledgment, clarification of information, or expressing our thanks.

Norbertines of Saint Norbert Abbey