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Norbertines of Saint Norbert Abbey

Norbertine Volunteer Community

Sponsored by St. Norbert Abbey, De Pere, WI
"Serving in the Norbertine Volunteer Community opened my eyes to the profound need that exists in Green Bay;
this awareness leads me to prayer and opens doors for me to be of service in the community."

– Frater Michael Brennan, O. Praem.
Norbertine Volunteer, '10 – '11

Founded in 1121, the Canons Regular of Prémontré, also known as the Norbertines, is one of the oldest religious orders in the world. Members vow to seek Christ by living in common, sharing all things in holy poverty and dedicating themselves to ministering to God's people. They are dedicated to peace and social justice and advocates for the marginalized.

Catholic Volunteer NetworkIn 2008, the Norbertine Volunteer Community (NVC) was founded by and is thus a sponsored ministry and outreach of the Norbertine priests and brothers of St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere, Wis. The NVC, a post-graduate service program for young adults, offers Norbertine Volunteers opportunities to serve in full-time internships with local non-profit agencies and schools. The NVC has been a member organization of the Catholic Volunteer Network since 2008.


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Norbertine Ministry

The Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey…

  • are committed to live and work among the People of God in the Diocese of Green Bay, which they have faithfully served since 1893.
  • invite you to join them in being peacemakers through volunteer service to those most in need in our local community.
  • challenge you to make time for prayer and reflection in light of your service.
  • follow their motto: Prepared for All Good Works!

The NVC strives to follow the example of Jesus by serving, journeying with, supporting and learning alongside those who are poor, struggling or marginalized. The NVC experience incorporates three dimensions:

  • Service – to and with the poor and vulnerable in Green Bay.
  • Community Living – an intergral part in strengthening and challenging each Norbertine Volunteer to live more authentically recognizing the human dignity in one another.
  • Prayer – is essential to the life, mission and ministry of the NVC.



NVCIntentional Community Living

More than just roommates, Norbertine Volunteers work to understand and strive to live in an intentional community. This means that there is a commitment on the part of each person in the Community to be mentally, physically and spiritually present. The gift of presence to one another allows for opportunities to grow in friendship, deepen personal and communal experiences of prayer and to challenge one another to live as disciples of Christ.

NVC members must be:
  • post-college age young adults who are single, with no dependents (ages 21-29).
  • people who have a passion for service and a willingness to honestly explore the deep questions of life, justice and faith.
Norbertine Volunteers will:
  • discover and respond to the needs of the NVC neighborhood.
  • make an 11-month commitment to the Community.
  • receive a monthly stipend, room and board in the NVC house and health insurance.
  • live in an intentional Community.
  • gain wisdom, support and direction from the Norbertines.
  • have shared use of a Community vehicle or reimbursement for the use of public transportation.



Community Partners
The following non-profit organizations have provided Norbertine Volunteers with full-time volunteer positions:
American Foundation of Counseling
Services Treatment Foster Care Program
  Family and Childcare Resources of
Northeast Wisconsin
  Three Corners Neighborhood Association
Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary   Golden House
(Domestic Violence Shelter)
  Three Corners Community Garden
Bellin Health's BEAM (Bellin Expressive Arts in Medicine) Program   Green Bay Area Catholic Education
System (GRACE)
  United Way of Brown County
Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay   Hospice   Wellspring
(Drop-In Center for Women)
Brown County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center Ministry   Nicolet Elementary School,
Green Bay, WI
  …among others.
Catholic Charities   Paul's Pantry    
CLICK HERE to learn more about what service
opportunities you could have as a Norbertine Volunteer.



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Norbertines of Saint Norbert Abbey