Taizé Prayer

Taizé Prayer

Please Note

Due to construction and challenged accessibility during the winter months, Taizé Prayer currently is not being offered at St. Norbert Abbey.

About Taizé Prayer

Taizé Prayer is a quiet, simple way of prayer designed for people of all Christian traditions. These meditative candlelit services include simple chants sung repeatedly, rich silence, and prayers of praise and intercession.

“Joining together, power in numbers … It’s a moving way to show faith, done very well. I just find it a nice personal experience,” says Abbot Gary Neville, O. Praem.

In the News

Taizé Prayer at St. Norbert Abbey Remembers Victims of Violence
July 14, 2016

St. Norbert Abbey hosts Taizé prayer
Abbey welcomes guests to experience Taizé prayer
November 24, 2010
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History of Taizé

A Taizé Prayer service in the Church of St. Norbert Abbey

A Taizé Prayer service in the Church of St. Norbert Abbey

Taizé is a small village located in the Burgundy region of France, just north of Cluny. It was there in the 1940s that Brother Roger, a Swiss native, founded the Taizé community—an ecumenical Christian monastic order established to assist those affected by World War II. The Catholic and Protestant brothers’ desire was to create a community of hospitality and trust for people from all over the world. They developed a monastic prayer service of silence, music, Scripture, and contemplation.

More than 100,000 people from around the world visit Taizé every year, often drawn to its message of peace and hope. Ellen Mommaerts, director of the Norbertine Volunteer Community, has made this pilgrimage. “Having been to Taizé, France, and visited the Brothers of Taizé, to have this experience so close to home is a wonderful opportunity,” she says. “Taizé Prayer focuses everyone present on the importance of peace and reconciliation in our world.”

View the sights and sounds of a Taizé Prayer service

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